it all begins…


Surprisingly (or maybe not), I am a newcomer to this electronic world of interaction. Until recently I didn’t even have a facebook account, strange…perhaps.

After setting up a facebook and twitter account, I have devoted many hours snooping other people and am truly gobsmacked by the inspirational and extraordinary designers, mums, crafters, cooks, creatives and makers that I have discovered.

Their willingness to share and their courage to expose has ignited a passion that I am hoping to fuel through this blog. A blog on what exactly?

Well who knows, I am hoping it grows and develops a personality that I am able to feed with random nothings that hopefully appeal to someone, anyone. And like many creatives, my ideas are often impossibly labour-intensive, but hey I will go hell for bananas to make it happen.

So sit back, no need to buckle in just yet and enjoy!


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