a creative solution for a pain in the foot


Kiddie no.1 spends a great deal of time playing with cars and trains. A nice quiet habit that we were great fans of until his collection grew and grew and grew.

It got to the point where every time you opened a drawer or cupboard, put your foot in a shoe or got a saucepan out, a small colourful car or train would be there to greet you.

Always wanting to find a creative solution to a problem, hubby and I decided to build a train/car track that would allow all the cars and trains be able to be stored in a central area.

We found a timber board in the shed, a quick lick of paint, some roads added, a track stuck down (this was a gift) and bingo – a cheap solution to the storage issue (slides under his bed when not in use) and hours of fun!

And no more casualties from accidently stepping on these little suckers.


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