Over the past few years, hubby and I have renovated several properties. I think I realised how crazy we were when trying to feed a nine month old baby, whilst still wearing pj’s at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, in a makeshift cardboard kitchen, while builders, electricians, plumbers (and what felt like the whole neighborhood) traipsed through our house apparently ‘making my dreams come true’.

And as awful as that moment was, we have done it again with a toddler, eight week old baby and dog.

I honestly believe we suffer from renovationitis. A serious condition that strikes those when: – their life is very comfortable; their shower works; they can sleep in dust-free sheets; they can actually see their children/pets when they are on the floor; they don’t know the phone number of the local hardware store (off by heart); and terminology such as ‘joists’, ‘plaster’ and ‘undercoat’ aren’t spoken at regular intervals.

Once it strikes it’s as difficult as lice to get rid of. There is no foam you can purchase, rub into your scalp, wash and repeat to eliminate this condition. Once contracted, it is a vicious cycle or recurring episodes.

Suggested treatments include recycle the property section of the paper before the cover page is opened, learn a more productive/less messy activity (for example golf), keep photos of those awful renovation stages on the fridge to frequently remind you of the hopelessness felt.

I am sure we have not fed the beast (as we speak hubby is arranging an inspection of yet another property) so I am accepting our condition and attempting to make the most of it. How soon is too soon to teach the kiddies how to sand/paint/plaster/hammer?


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