the never ending list of celebrations


As I get older I am less tolerant of ‘special’ occasions. Remembering birthdays and anniversaries are about my limit (and I don’t even do that well – please don’t ask me how long I have been married).

The expectation has risen, birthdays and anniversaries no longer cut the mustard. It seems the date, along with the weather, of every ‘special’ moment now has to be recalled monthly, annually or every ten years so that recognition can be paid.

Perhaps I am merely morphing into the inevitable grumpy old woman, maybe it’s just lack of sleep, whatever it is, is this cynicism really unjustified?

Parents can recall (with super-precise detail) baby’s first step/smile/word/fart – justified yes, maybe. But a couple traveling away for a weekend to celebrate the nine month anniversary of their first kiss – mmm? Or every year, since the year you were married, inviting all your friends to a commemorative kitchen tea, with the expectation that you are to bring a gift every year – I am not joking!

The solution to this saga, take notes! Because, yes, it does appear that there will be a quiz on this later. And where is it going to end?

Will we start cheering our neighbors when they take the rubbish out? Should I take a box chocolates to the supermarket to reward the check-out operator if they can get all the groceries scanned, packed and paid for before the kiddies throw the inevitable tantrum? Should I expect breakfast in bed the morning after I cut my toenails – that at least deserves a glass of wine I think! Enjoy!


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