Riding along on my pushbike honey…


Well I have been somewhat irregular lately with these blog posts (OK, non-existent), but I have a very good reason. Recently I purchased the first pushbike I have owned since I was about twelve and can I just say it is awesome. AWESOME!

As summer has finally decided to treat us to some above zero temperatures, I have been taking full advantage and getting out and about. And what makes it even more fun, the bike I bought would have to be the spunkiest in town (I know because everyone comments).

Since buying the bike I have been thinking a lot about all the fun stuff you used to do as a kid. Making mud pies after it had rained. Building cubbyhouses amongst bushes with mums clean sheets. Collecting odd-looking bits of nature (a twig here, some sort of exotic looking insect there). Picking a great bunch of flowers for your teacher from the gardens you passed as you walked to school. The list goes on.

It’s actually quite sad really. When do you stop being the kid and start being all grown-up? Why don’t we continue with these sporadic daily pleasures any longer?

Well, not anymore! I’m off to rekindle my love of making paper aeroplanes – there’s a competition in our household to see whose goes the farthest when thrown from our balcony. Enjoy!


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