Fun-filled local night out…

Last week my family (mum, dad, sis, her live-in lover, hubby and I) had a night out without the kiddies at Flix in the Stix. What a blast!

We met at the local pub for a quick drink where the night got off to a great start when mum won a seafood platter after which we ventured to the Bong Bong racecourse for the event. Never having been to an outdoor movie experience before I wasn’t 100% sure of what to expect. I don’t think I could have had more fun if I tried.

Bush poet, Murray Hartin, warmed the crowd up before an acoustic performance by James Reyne. After which the movies started. The award-winning movies are hand-picked and feature films produced here in Australia and abroad. All this was enjoyed while we sipped (or in some cases gulped) wine and enjoyed our picnic dinner.

Murray and James returned (yes, by mid-way through the evening these performers felt like our friends and we were on first name basis) before we enjoyed the second batch of short films.

By the end of the night my dad thought he could make a go of it as a bush poet, my hubby was wishing he had packed a jumper, mum was already planning to do it all again next year  and I had just wished we had booked the babysitter for longer.


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