The reason I like to dress-up!


Last week was filled with high anxiety situations – and not just for me!

Now I know I am not the first mother in the world that shops with two kiddies at the supermarket – one who’s waddling and one that is running as free as the wind – when for no reason (and I mean absolutely no blatant, obvious, punch me in the face, clear reason) one cracks the melt-down of all melt-downs.

I am not an easily embarrassed person but this melt-down had me wanting to walk out of the supermarket and wait in the carpark until said kiddie eventually found the door.

And I don’t want to sound like a cliché, but seriously why is it that the worst stares you get in these instances are from other mothers whose children are sitting serenely in a trolley with glowing halos around their heads? Seriously!

Continuing through my week and these melt-downs happened at the chemist, doctors, playground, bath tub, swimming lesson, four carparks and thai restaurant.

My solution – wear a disguise!

Thankfully I have a large collection of head bands, glasses, bags, fake moustaches and party hats. And no I don’t think it strange to wear these on a daily basis going about my business. ‘Melt-down marvin’ (as we have come to calling our kiddie) thinks I’m hilarious.

All those other mums with angelic children think I’m insane. But that’s a good thing I have decided. At least my life is interesting, colourful and loud. If only all parenting issues were as easily resolved as dressing each day like a clown. Enjoy!


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