The highs and lows


Over the past week or so I have wondered just how much emotion in one’s life is normal?

Our lives are a juggle of kids, relationships, hormones, sleepless nights, busy work schedules, commuting, socialising, daily chores, blah blah. But when does one, or a few of these things, become too much?

After over-assessing my own juggle, I started reading other blogs and articles, chatted to friends and family and it seems it is as I expected. We are all juggling, and masters of it!

We juggle celebrations, conversations, dinner preparations, toy sharing, coffee dates, washing (lots of washing), arguments, plans, exercise, grocery shopping, mediation, commuting, work and much more seamlessly, or rather it appears seamless.

What about the range of emotions that go alongside all of these balls in the air?

I honestly believe that most of us are perfectly satisfied and confident that our juggles are juggled exactly the way that suits us as mums, wives, partners, friends etc. and that includes all the associated emotions.

But sadly, there are people in each of our lives who offer an opinion or judgement that bursts our sense of security. Ideally we should maintain our confidence and continue on our way but sometimes these attacks knock our balls out of the air. And sadly, majority of the time, the attacker is unaware of their impact.

I read an article on the weekend about mummy bloggers that demonstrated this exactly. Opinions and judgements were made that knocked the balls out of the air for some of the interviewees. I sympathised immediately and identified with that overwhelming feeling of doubt.

The solution? Well mine is trust. Trust in myself. With trust comes confidence and bingo, happy chappies!



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