rule of eight


Over the past few weeks I have been asked ‘You do so much, where do you find the time?’

Admittedly, I often wonder how I do it too, but as a believer of the 8-8-8 Rule I feel the need to share this insight.

If you imagine your day in chunks of eight hours you can easily apply the 8-8-8 Rule: 8 hours sleep / 8 hours work / 8 hours play. But of course if you add in any one consuming element into that equation, 8-8-8 doesn’t look so neat (and yes it is sleep that is usually the forgone element). But essentially the theory is transferable.

So next time you say to yourself  “I just don’t have time for that” – remember that you have eight hours in a day to play, if you aren’t playing for this long then you are working too much, sleeping too much (half your luck really) or taking too long to brush your teeth. Enjoy the balance!


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