interwoven :: make : thread : craft : art is back!!!


Early last year I undertook the first ‘hands-on’ course I have undertaken since probably leaving school – interwoven :: make : thread : craft : art. From the moment I signed up I was completely hooked (literally – yes, crochet was one component). Two super-dooper talented ladies – Lisa Solomon and Katrina Rodabaugh – whipped a bunch of us in the creating action.

I shocked myself by just how much I could learn, absorb and create in such short bursts of time. I attribute undertaking all the other courses I have been discussing lately to feeling the creative sense of achievement I did when I completed this course.


It has influenced how I undertake some of my design work – yes I have hand-stitched ‘love’ into 60 invitations and hand painted 760 love hearts that were individually sewn onto cards for another invitation. Some say ‘crazy’ (well mostly my hubby) but I have loved it! My first thought with every project now is what part of this can I create by hand.


But the sweetest part about this is these lovely ladies have decided to do it all again – yay! You should have seen the excitement from those of us that had completed the course last year – I admit I thought I might wet my pants when I saw the news – and many have signed on again (not a bad recommendation I think!).

So now I am sharing the news and even more splendid news that they are offering all my special friends a discount – simply enter the promo code SPECIALFRIENDS at the checkout for 10% off. Enjoy! (I know I will be as I have just signed up again!)


*I have been asked  if these posts about ‘learning’ are sponsored posts – these are not. I am simply sharing my experiences on this little journey of learning I have embarked on because they have all offered me something as a creative that may or may not appeal to you also.


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