introducing something significant


Last week I caught up with the lovely ladies that I have been completing the Blogging with Pip course with for an online chat. As usual there were a tonne of ideas shared, tea drunk and feedback given.

Following a question posed about whether anyone is or will be considering writing posts based around a daily/weekly/monthly type projects, I piped up and mentioned that I was hoping I could make a ‘significant something’ each month that forces me to brush up on skills I have lost or new skills I want to learn, especially in support of my ethical fashion pledge for 2014 (more on that later).

And so here it is – a significant something will start in February!

At the start of the month I will talk about what it is I am attempting to make, challenges and concerns and the bits I look forward to the most. You will be able to follow the progress on instagram (@stuffbyrenee) and I’ll provide a wrap-up on the blog at the end of each month hopefully with the completes something.

This will be challenging but thanks to the support of the Blogging with Pip community I looked forward to giving it a go. Enjoy!


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