school starts

BLOG_image_53_starting schoolLast week there was a huge and exciting event in household – first day of school!

It seemed quite weird how excited everybody was, not just Mr 5 (who had tried his uniform on 39 times in the few days before he started) but myself and hubby were just as pumped about him starting.

It was like Christmas Eve and New Years all tied into one, I couldn’t sleep with anticipation. The morning before we left was smooth sailing and little man taught me a thing or two about staying cool, calm and collected.

Arriving at school we quickly touched base with his teacher, identified where his desk would be, had a quick run-down of the morning routine, stayed for a quick welcome assembly and then he was off without so much as ‘seeya mum’ (although we did get a sneaky thumbs-up when he spotted us peeking in the window).

Some mums and dads were a little weepy, some strategically wearing rather large sunglasses but I was insanely excited and filled with happiness that our little man was embarking on this huge chapter in his life with the laid-back casualness he takes on most ‘big’ things. Let’s just hope it lasts!


The reason I like to dress-up!


Last week was filled with high anxiety situations – and not just for me!

Now I know I am not the first mother in the world that shops with two kiddies at the supermarket – one who’s waddling and one that is running as free as the wind – when for no reason (and I mean absolutely no blatant, obvious, punch me in the face, clear reason) one cracks the melt-down of all melt-downs.

I am not an easily embarrassed person but this melt-down had me wanting to walk out of the supermarket and wait in the carpark until said kiddie eventually found the door.

And I don’t want to sound like a cliché, but seriously why is it that the worst stares you get in these instances are from other mothers whose children are sitting serenely in a trolley with glowing halos around their heads? Seriously!

Continuing through my week and these melt-downs happened at the chemist, doctors, playground, bath tub, swimming lesson, four carparks and thai restaurant.

My solution – wear a disguise!

Thankfully I have a large collection of head bands, glasses, bags, fake moustaches and party hats. And no I don’t think it strange to wear these on a daily basis going about my business. ‘Melt-down marvin’ (as we have come to calling our kiddie) thinks I’m hilarious.

All those other mums with angelic children think I’m insane. But that’s a good thing I have decided. At least my life is interesting, colourful and loud. If only all parenting issues were as easily resolved as dressing each day like a clown. Enjoy!