learning journey

BLOG_image_54_learning journeyLast year I unintentionally embarked on a bit of a learning journey (I have mentioned it here and here and here). I’m not sure why but there has been many benefits the most of which is realising that I really really really like learning.

I thought I would have a break this year but a month in and the journey has continued. Right at this moment I am completing a skillshare course in establishing a new business the right way, Kemi Nekvapil’s Raw Beauty 30 Day Self Love Experience, working through an e-course on how to Write and Sell Your Damn Book! by Paul Jarvis, preparing for Interwoven in March and finishing off watching (again) some the Big Hearted Business 2013 online conference.

Phew! Sounds busy hey.

Having realised how much I like learning I am now struggling with what to do with all these new things? Do I actually need to do anything? Is just doing it because I like it enough? Should I have a bigger picture plan? Should I … should I … should I …

Truth is I don’t really want to have a plan. Completing these courses is very satisfying. Satisfaction drives a tonne of other things for me many of which are creative-based and as a designer what more could I want? Enjoy!


learn, learn and learn some more…


About six months ago I developed an itch – not in a physical way but more in a creative sense.

Perhaps you are familiar with the feeling? From the outside your life is pretty much awesome but from the inside there is this ‘deep-inside-you-can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on’ feeling (aka the itch). And no matter what you do or how you try to ignore it there is simply no way to scratch it.

So in an attempt to sooth the ‘itch’ I have embarked on an insanely demanding creative journey. I have completed or am in the process of completing six courses (all creative/inspiration/design/making/crafting/blogging based) and I threw in a little creative business coaching as well.

It has been an insane rollercoaster but what I have learnt has been boggling. And not one to keep a secret I want to share some of my insights with the world (well my small little blog world I love). So hold on tight (I am completing two more courses right this second) as I will be sharing some the insights I have found invaluable.