a cup of tea with me

BLOG_image_47_acupofteawithmeOver the last few months I have been enjoying the complete delight that is Pip Lincolne through her course Blog with Pip (I’ll write a little more later on). Today is the “official” last day – yes I am sad but mostly I have butterflies. Excited butterflies.

So to go out with a flutter, students have been invited to pour a cup of tea (actually I dread to think how many cups have been consumed during this course) and share a little about ourselves. So here is my interview with me:

What I do on a daily basis
Design (graphic/print), make, create, dream, be a wife/mother/friend and drink copious amounts of coffee.

Favourite things to do
Same as above.

Favourite place to be
Anywhere where I am experiencing something new or loved – usually at home or near the ocean.

Favourite things to eat/drink
Coffee, wine, coffee, bubbles, coffee, tea (and if my beautician is reading this lots of water, lots!) – oops I forgot food.

Favourite inspirations
Seeing/reading/learning about people who are doing what they are passionate about.

Something I want to know more about
There is not enough time or space to deal with this list here.

Some favourite blogs
&kathleenthe red thread blog, poppytalk, style by emily henderson, oh joy, plus all my new blogging mates from the course with Pip (check out their links here) and last but not least meetmeatmikes. Enjoy!


stitched with love


A new approach to hand-crafted invitations has kept me busy of late.

I have mentioned in previous posts how this year I am getting back to creating more projects by hand and a recent invitation project was the perfect excuse to explore some new options.

I am infatuated with threads at the moment – the colours, vibrancy, selection – so have been trialing ways to include a little thread into this project. The picture is the result.

A classic black thread hand sewn into a glorious cotton stock creating “love”. Simple, precise and captures the essence of this wedding so succinctly. Enjoy!

crochet crazy



Crochet is one of my new favorite things.

Since partaking in an interwoven : make : thread: art : craft earlier this year the enthusiasm to get back to doing more things by hand has pinnacled (sadly I think as a designer it is easy to become reliant on only the computer to create things).

So I snapped myself out of  the hole I had fallen in and gosh what fun have I had!

This year has been full of projects that feature my new found hand-crafty skills including this small gift created for a very dear friends birthday.

The list for future projects is growing rapidly as is my desire to learn more techniques and incorporate them into projects. I’ll try and share as many as I can. Enjoy!

mothers day bling

Recently I was stoked to be asked if I would be interested in assisting with the design and styling for mothers day promotional window display for local business, Shaz’s Secret Jewellery in Bong Bong Street, Bowral.

Not often do you get the chance to work with such passionate people as Shaz and Ray. From the get go this was bound to be a fun project (hello check out the awesome bling I got to admire!) and an excuse to get out the watercolours once again. The windows were designed to promote Pastiche jewellery as part of their mothers day promotion campaign.

Be sure to visit soon to obviously check out the fancy display items but also to find your mum the ideal gift (Hint: make it sooner then later as this jewellery is quite literally flying out the door).






heart invitation

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of designing and creating some very special engagement party invitations. These were special in a unique sense – 720 hand-painted watercolour love hearts were created and assembled onto 120 invites. An added joy was that the hearts were closed when inserted into the envelope and opened only after the receiver had pulled the invitation out. Fun!

BLOG_mminvite_17_wow BLOG_mminvite_18_wow BLOG_mminvite_19_wow BLOG_mminvite_20_wow