something significant – feb13


Well here we go…

A few weeks ago, thanks to a little push from my Blogging with Pip buddies, I decided to undertake a ‘making’ project each month. What will I make? Something significant of course!

So first up is this funky little skirt from sewcountrychick. I like it because there are lots of piccies that I am sure I will be referring to frequently and the instructions make sense to the non-sewer that I am. And the main reason I chose this is because my Little Miss 3-year-old saw it and promptly announced ‘I would look funky in that mum’.

If you would like to keep an eye on my progress (and possible tantrums as I do tend to be a perfectionist with these type of things) follow me on Instagram (@stuffbyrenee or #significant something). I’ll be sure to show you the fruits of my labour at the end of the month here on the blog. Wish me luck!


taking stock

BLOG_image_49_takestock2 BLOG_image_50_takestock3

BLOG_image_48_takestock1 BLOG_image_51_takestock4This is the first time I have posted a ‘taking stock’ post. I read foxs lane and meet me at mikes ‘taking stock’ posts regularly and always think what a great way to encapsulate exactly where you are right this second. So here goes:

Making : patches with embroidered patterns
Cooking : anything with the vegies I am harvesting from our vegie patch
Drinking : coffee, always coffee
Reading : goldfinch and attempting to tackle my inspiration pile
Wanting : an ethically created pair of winter boots
Looking : at paint colour charts
Playing : snap with my kids
Deciding : about a trip to vegas, mexico and new york
Wishing : there was a fresh cup of coffee right here right  now
Enjoying : the smell of rain
Liking : my new watch
Wondering : if my tomatoes will ripen before it gets cold
Loving : hearing about the safe arrival of &kathleen’s baby boy (total warrior mama!)
Considering : opening a studio
Watching : movies from the 90s
Hoping : hubby gets the deck painted before the weekend
Marvelling : how kids can be best friends then worst enemies within minutes
Needing : a massage
Smelling : roses outside my bedroom window
Wearing : colourful combinations
Noticing : how much I appreciate feeling organised
Knowing : that I need to kick my butt into gear and get a couple of projects finished
Thinking : about how much is too much to undertake
Feeling : calm
Admiring : this list is so long
Sorting : school uniforms
Buying : milk, so much milk
Getting : excited about undertaking interwoven in march
Bookmarking : anything to assist my something significant plans for 2014
Disliking : people who choose to focus on the negative potential of a situation
Opening : any pic or link or post that shows me snow!
Giggling : always giggling at my kids
Feeling : happy about being busy


introducing something significant


Last week I caught up with the lovely ladies that I have been completing the Blogging with Pip course with for an online chat. As usual there were a tonne of ideas shared, tea drunk and feedback given.

Following a question posed about whether anyone is or will be considering writing posts based around a daily/weekly/monthly type projects, I piped up and mentioned that I was hoping I could make a ‘significant something’ each month that forces me to brush up on skills I have lost or new skills I want to learn, especially in support of my ethical fashion pledge for 2014 (more on that later).

And so here it is – a significant something will start in February!

At the start of the month I will talk about what it is I am attempting to make, challenges and concerns and the bits I look forward to the most. You will be able to follow the progress on instagram (@stuffbyrenee) and I’ll provide a wrap-up on the blog at the end of each month hopefully with the completes something.

This will be challenging but thanks to the support of the Blogging with Pip community I looked forward to giving it a go. Enjoy!

interwoven :: make : thread : craft : art is back!!!


Early last year I undertook the first ‘hands-on’ course I have undertaken since probably leaving school – interwoven :: make : thread : craft : art. From the moment I signed up I was completely hooked (literally – yes, crochet was one component). Two super-dooper talented ladies – Lisa Solomon and Katrina Rodabaugh – whipped a bunch of us in the creating action.

I shocked myself by just how much I could learn, absorb and create in such short bursts of time. I attribute undertaking all the other courses I have been discussing lately to feeling the creative sense of achievement I did when I completed this course.


It has influenced how I undertake some of my design work – yes I have hand-stitched ‘love’ into 60 invitations and hand painted 760 love hearts that were individually sewn onto cards for another invitation. Some say ‘crazy’ (well mostly my hubby) but I have loved it! My first thought with every project now is what part of this can I create by hand.


But the sweetest part about this is these lovely ladies have decided to do it all again – yay! You should have seen the excitement from those of us that had completed the course last year – I admit I thought I might wet my pants when I saw the news – and many have signed on again (not a bad recommendation I think!).

So now I am sharing the news and even more splendid news that they are offering all my special friends a discount – simply enter the promo code SPECIALFRIENDS at the checkout for 10% off. Enjoy! (I know I will be as I have just signed up again!)


*I have been asked  if these posts about ‘learning’ are sponsored posts – these are not. I am simply sharing my experiences on this little journey of learning I have embarked on because they have all offered me something as a creative that may or may not appeal to you also.

crochet crazy



Crochet is one of my new favorite things.

Since partaking in an interwoven : make : thread: art : craft earlier this year the enthusiasm to get back to doing more things by hand has pinnacled (sadly I think as a designer it is easy to become reliant on only the computer to create things).

So I snapped myself out of  the hole I had fallen in and gosh what fun have I had!

This year has been full of projects that feature my new found hand-crafty skills including this small gift created for a very dear friends birthday.

The list for future projects is growing rapidly as is my desire to learn more techniques and incorporate them into projects. I’ll try and share as many as I can. Enjoy!