taking stock no.2


Here we go again …

Making :
 my February significant something project
Cooking : 
food my kids will eat and much basil pesto (lots of basil pesto)
Drinking :
 freshly made juices everyday (thanks Kemi) oh and coffee
Reading :
 still goldfinch and latest collective magazine
Wanting :
 a weekend away (with no kids)
Looking :
 at my whiteboard full of ideas
Playing : 
on the kids trampoline (a lot)
Deciding :
 about an overseas holiday later in the year
Wishing :
 there weren’t so many pleats in my sons school uniform (I hate ironing)
Enjoying :
 eating tomatoes freshly picked
Waiting :
 for my latest ebay purchases to arrive
Liking :
 that tomorrow is Friday
Wondering :
 how I became a full time mum-taxi
Loving :
 my hot pink letterbox
Pondering :
 holding an exhibition this year
Considering :
 planting an asparagus patch
Watching :winter olympics (and wishing I was at the snow)
Hoping :
 for rain, lots of rain
Marvelling :
 how lucky moments pop up and surprise me
Needing :
 still a massage
Smelling : 
an unidentified odour wafting in the house each evening
Wearing :
 my new op shop purchases
Following :
 all the aussies competing at the olympics
Noticing :
 how my chooks know there are new lettuces planted
Knowing :
 I am not taking enough ‘me’ time
Thinking : 
how pleased I am our son enjoys school
Feeling : 
a little torn
Admiring :
Sorting :
 through my huge holiday magazine pile
Buying : 
op shop goodies and some vintage fabric on ebay
Getting :
 into raw food a little more
Bookmarking :
 megan mortons bits and bobs
Disliking : 
Opening :
 new packet of coffee (of that smell)
Giggling :
 at my daughters reasoning
Feeling :
 a little bamboozled
Snacking :
 on soya chips
Coveting :
 a pair of winter boots a friend bought overseas
Wishing : 
I could go overseas to buy the same boots
Helping :
 my son with reading homework
Hearing : my chickens fight over a snail

what are you up to this month?