Year of Ethical Fashion

BLOG_image_YOEF 2

Throughout 2013 I have taken the Year of Ethical Fashion pledge!

This officially means that I will:
a) Buy from ethical makers or
b) Buy second-hand or
c) Make it myself  or
d) Wear things I already own or
e) Borrow or swap garments with friends

Not so bad you say?
Well I have been very apprehensive about the whole thing.

I committed quickly because I knew once I had pondered the whole idea I would not have done it. I love buying and researching clothes/shoes/bags/accessories, am quite partial to bargain hunting and regularly rely on that last minute hunt/find/buy no matter where it might be from let alone how its made.

But I have been going for a month or so now and proudly can say that I have not fallen off the wagon once. I have been very disciplined (even during the post-Christmas sales) and have resorted to making a few items I needed. That’s the big bonus – you see I have been wanting to learn to sew properly for a few years now and am using this as the kick up the butt to learn.

I do foresee some issues, shoes mainly. There are plenty of ethically made shoes available but the cost and size requirements for me (I am a fat size 9) I fear will be a huge hurdle especially as I am needing a new pair of winter boots. But I feel determined and empowered to succeed.

So I will update my report here at various stages throughout the year but essentially I hope to be cheering like a demon at the end of the year and possibly force the entire family to undertake next year … we’ll see


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